Lectures, classes and general information

Here's where you find out about the lectures and classes, social events and general information about symposium. We suggest you...

  1. Open the Lecture and Class Information Ebook and note which classes and lectures you may wish to attend. You can find out more about each of the tutors on the Tutors page on our website.
  2. Open the General Information Ebook and note which social events you may wish to attend.
  3. Then use the Class Timetable and Daily Programmes to start planning your time at symposium.

If you have problems accessing these documents, please ask someone to help you (they are large documents with many pages, and will remain on the website, so no need to print them). Maps will be provided when you check-in to symposium.

When you’ve read everything (including all the fine print in the General Information Ebook) and made your selections, go to the Register here page to make your bookings. You will need to provide:

  • Administration details including your registration number, name, next of kin, dietary requirements, and disability parking eligibility, and your second and third class options for us (in case you don't get your first choice).
  • Social events you want to attend.
  • Lectures
  • Classes - your first choice



  • Payment must be made at the time of booking. Cancellation and Refund policies are noted in the General Information Ebook.
  • Everyone has until 26 May 2022 to submit their bookings for this first allocation of classes.
  • After May, any remaining class spaces will be allocated as enquiries come in.
  • Class placements will be confirmed from the end of June.