Fiesta Flags challenge

The Fiesta Flags challenge is open to individuals and groups. The flags will be hung in our symposium gathering area and add to the party atmosphere.

  • Each entry consists of six flags hung on a 2 metre cord.
  • Flags can be bound, bagged or raw edge, but must be backed, batted and quilted. An example method of construction is available on the website.
  • The back of the flags may be visible when hung, so the backing should be consistent with the ‘Fiesta’ theme.
  • The rightmost flag must be predominantly black to create definition between entries.
  • The finished size of each triangular flag should be approximately 10.5” wide x 16” long.
  • Flags must be mounted on a 2 metre long light-coloured cord of approximately 2-5 mm width, and fixed in place with a 1cm gap between each flag. Leave 17cm free cord at each end for connection to the next set of flags. See the diagram below for layout instructions.
  • If you are not sure where to start, this pattern for bagged method flags might help.