Amanda began her professional life as a teacher, but took a short detour into television production that lasted forty years. Her work as a producer and director has taken her around the world, to tell compelling stories about ordinary people to New Zealand and Australian viewers. She sees the story-telling process as much the same as quilting – taking raw elements, then rearranging and crafting them into a new whole, into something that appeals to a wide audience. It’s probably not surprising then that her quilts are often ‘viewer’s choice’ winners. 

Now finally back working with students, she loves sharing her joy of quilting with everyone from newbies to experienced craftspeople. Her designs have a strong graphic element, combining many traditional techniques to create modern quilts anyone would love to create or own. 

Amanda is based at her home studio on the Kapiti Coast where she’s developing original quilt patterns, suitable for all skill levels, for release to the world market.


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