Dale Rollerson is a textile artist, teacher and writer who swears she was born with a pair of knitting needles in her hands. She has been playing with fibres and threads all of her life and is well known for her innovative approach to all the activities she indulges in.

Like any creative person there is a need to create - she would be unhappy if she could not. With a head full of ideas, she keeps a journal and many notebooks and jots down things all the time. She collects stuff and works on many themes at a time. She uses travel as a source of inspiration many times. She does think we are all influenced by our surroundings and what we see, hear, and expose ourselves to every day. She likes to observe people and objects but gets bored easily and moves on. She likes to experiment with different media

She loves to teach and share her ideas but her ideas will not be yours – you would develop your own. Her intent is to share what she knows and does and to encourage you to find your own soul and have fun whilst doing so.



Needs Lists

DROWE2 Paper Cloth and Stitch

DROFR1 Weaving and Stitching

DROSA2 Personal Cloths