Denise Burkitt is a Fabric Designer for Freespirit Fabrics USA. Her designs  are large scale, colourful and organic. Denise’s passion to paint originated from self expression through fingerpainting as a child. She studied Commercial Illustration at the Queensland College of Art, later completing  Visual Arts  majoring in Textile Printing.

Her creativity is abundant when traveling in her Motorhome in the outback.  She's inspired by shapes, textures and colours - the softness and subtlety of flora,  the energy, mood and emotion the scene evokes.   Denise has collected soft coloured rocks from dry river beds, sifted and added glue to create  a consistency she can paint and sketch with and also uses charcoal from the campfire. When intuition for creativity sparks she can’t start quick enough.  One idea leads to another and creating marks and colour combinations becomes completely addictive and absorbing.

When designing fabric,  Denise often uses natural or manmade objects to print with.  She also uses paint brushes, though in an unconventional way,  applying the brush as a mark making tool.  Denise loves sharing these various methods, encouraging you to explore your self expression to create your very own unique fabric pieces.


Needs Lists

DBUWE2 Paint Floral and Bark Designs

DBUFR2 Unique Designs and Landscapes

DBUSU1 Learn to Paint your own Design and Stitch