I have always been very tactile - sewing, knitting, gardening, cooking, and first learnt to sew as a small child .  And eventually learnt to quilt whilst living overseas some 30 years ago. My passion is for traditional techniques, hand quilting, needle turn hand applique. 

Having taken many classes over the years with several of quiltings ‘royalty’ I feel I have further enhanced my own style. My classes are about encouraging participants to relax, slow down and enjoy the rhythm of hand crafted stitch and to find confidence in making their own unique version of their favourite quilt or style. I have taught classes at numerous quilt guilds and several symposium throughout New Zealand.

There is no such thing as perfect - Just beautifully hand made.


Needs List

DANWE2 Hawaiian Quilt

DANFR1 Traditional Hand Quilting

DANSA2 Needle Turn Hand Applique