Helen Draper is a quilt designer and teacher from the Southern Highlands of NSW. Helen has been obsessively hand stitching since the age of seven and began designing and making quilts in the early 1990s and established Patchwork Bliss in 2006. She loves to share her designs, patterns, expertise and quilting knowledge in a relaxed and friendly class environment.

Helen’s passion is to cut and stitch her quilts by hand whenever she can. She loves how hand sewing is portable and it provides the opportunity to spend more time stitching with other quilters. Hand stitching is a great place for new quilters to begin as it allows them to get a real feel for the craft.

Helen studied design fundamentals, which gives her insight into pattern, colour and design. Many of her quilt designs include curves and gentle optical illusions that create secondary patterns to trick and engage the eye. Helen’s quilts are regularly featured in Australian quilting magazines.



Needs Lists

HDRWE1 Ribbon Dance

HDRTH1 Feeling Groovy

HDRFR1 Bedazzled

HDRSA2 Shadowplay