Helen moved from Art to Art Quilting in 2004 and has enjoyed many international awards for her unique approach to machine quilting and creating art quilts.

Helen is a very popular teacher and uses humour in a relaxed style to encourage all students. Helen’s work is predominately pictorial, with strong design and exciting play with colour. Helen uses her painting and design skills and creates whole cloth painted surface and then, with her sewing machine, adds movement and detail into the design with her free-motion machine quilting. Helen literally draws with her sewing machine bringing her painted images to life.

Combining her teaching degree and her Art experience, Helen teaches from a slightly different angle and enjoys helping even the most traditional of machine sewers to find new direction in free-motion machine quilting and opening up new avenues for their creative potential. Helen has taught all over Australia and the world including Dubai, China, South Africa, UK, New Zealand, Canada and USA including teaching at the Houston Quilt Festival for the past 10 years. Helen looks forward to teaching face-to-face again and catching up with so many wonderful New Zealand quilters.



Needs Lists

HGOWE1 Sunflowers for Vincent

HGOTH1 Quilt-a-doodle-do

HGOFR3 Magic Mushrooms