Jane MacDonald has been interested in Japanese textiles and crafts for over twenty years, developing a specialty in the craft of sashiko stitching and design. Initially drawn to the quality and detail in the workmanship of Japanese textiles, Jane now teaches sashiko extensively throughout Australia and internationally.

Jane is renowned as a patient teacher who is diligent in providing an enjoyable learning environment for all levels and abilities. Jane likes to inspire students with original ideas and techniques in the gentle craft of sashiko, branching into other forms of sashiko including one stitch sashiko, boro inspired designs and kogin stitching.



Needs Lists

JMAWE1 Lucy Locket Pocket Daisy Clutch

JMATH1 Boro Kinchaku Bag

JDAFR1 Two Hitomezashi Projects in 1 Day

JDASA1 Three Sashiko Projects in 1 Day