Jessica was born in Sydney in 1979 and some of her earliest memories include playing with pieces of fabric. She would sit among the scraps as her Mum made clothes. She loved the softness of the process, the tactile nature of the material, the hum of the machine and the sense of making do – creating something from nothing.

Quiltmaking has been Jessica's creative outlet for about the past ten years.  The activity fitted around the shape of her life and when each quilt was finished she felt the satisfaction of achievement. She joined the NSW quilt guild and began to sew with the Hunters Hill quilters who offered encouragement and friendship.

Jessica has developed her own process and honed her skills, finding tremendous enjoyment in making her own improvisational ‘story quilts’ which reference the ‘making do’ history of the craft while offering a contemporary viewpoint. Her quilts are often very large, machine pieced, hand quilted and include a range of materials sourced from all over the world. Each one can take up to six months to complete – sometimes longer. They are variously influenced by themes in pop culture, the media and the world of art and fashion design.

Since 2018 Jessica has enjoyed the opportunity to share her Quiltmaking aesthetic with a larger audience and has had a book published by Quiltmania, "Improvisational Contemporary Quilts".


Needs Lists

JWHWE1 The Pollyanna Quilt

JWHTH1 Improv text 

JWHFR1 In the blink of an eye

JWHSA2 Approach to Artful Improv