As far back as Judy can remember, fabric and pattern have been her constant distraction and great love. As a child, she progressed from clumsily stitching clothes for her cat and dolls and then attempting garment making as a teenager.  In the years after her children were born Judy began to work in a patchwork shop, firmly cementing her love of patchwork and quilting to the exclusion of all other crafts.

Judy began teaching a group of beginners how to make a sampler quilt, while she was also a beginner herself. She loved it and knew it was just what she wanted to do. Many years and quilts have gone by.  Judy is having a wonderful time continuing her teaching all over Australia and overseas now. 

Judy has two books with Quiltmania Editions, Quilts for Life Made with Love and Quilts for Life 2.  This has brought wonderful rewards, meeting like minded women from all over the world.  Judy has found that patchwork and quilting seems to negate differences in age and culture, we are all there to make beautiful quilts for our families or just because we cannot stop.  Judy says there is nothing better than to spend a day in pursuit of this wonderful craft, with creative energy all about and tea and cake too, of course.


Needs Lists

JNEWE2 Vermont Summer Medallion

JNEFR1 Sugar Plum

JNESA2 Strafford Manor