Sewing has been part of Kirsten's life almost every day since she was a child. Like many quilters, she started making dolls clothes as a very young child, moved to making her own clothes (including sewing her wedding dress entirely by hand!), and eventually became completely hooked on quilting in her twenties.

In the past most of her quilts were machine made using piecing and applique. Kirsten often wants to get projects finished quickly and she can get so much more done with the machine!  Even so, in recent years Kirsten has returned to her childhood roots of handsewing and takes pleasure in the slow, carefulness of handmade stitches. These days Kirsten has both hand and machine stitched projects on the go so that her work can match her mood.

Creating with colour and textiles is Kirsten's ongoing passion. Kirsten finds it a joy to be able to share this with other quilters through tutoring which she has now been doing for well over 25 years. Her main focus as a teacher is to support quilters as they find their own way to express themselves through cloth and thread. Her classroom is a place of fun and discovery where we all take delight in each others work.


Needs Lists

KDUWE1 Rosy Jumble

KDUTH1 Machine Applique

KDUFR1 Make it Lush: Enhanced Cloth

KDUSA2 Flourishing