Michelle made her first quilt in 1992 and knew that she had found her passion. Since then she has stitched virtually everyday of her life. Michelle has made hundreds of quilts across different mediums and genres, traditional, eclectic, art, mixed media and modern. She dips her toes into everything, loves what she does and does what she loves. She has a huge sense of gratitude for that.

In the early 2000's Michelle studied fine arts and she continues to paint, print and collage in the 'wet' end of her studio.

Michelle began teaching and designing around 2000 too and has taught for many quilt stores, retreats and events within Australia. She is probably most well known as a designer for the Jen Kingwell Collective, of which she was a member for several years. Michelle describes her style as traditional/eclectic with a real love for the nuances of colour. Applique is a favourite technique that seems to predominate in her work and she loves the eye catching splendor of repeat block designs reinvented with a contemporary twist.

Michelle also enjoys using vintage textiles and incorporating them with fresh, new fabrics. She has a bit of a 'make do' philosophy and enjoys the freedom of working with scraps, oddments, orphans and leftovers to create something completely new and reimagined. Her quilts are generally very busy, but value and line are carefully considered to produce a cohesive whole.

As a teacher Michelle loves watching her students grow and evolve, the way they interpret her patterns and make them their own. One of the most rewarding things is confidence building, when a student just finds their groove and learns to do their own dance. Quilting has such a rich heritage and tradition; it is a bringing together of such diversity and provides such a wonderful sense of community.



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